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Video: The Miniature Slingshot From The Postman Pat Guys Hits The Strip!

Video: The Miniature Slingshot From The Postman Pat Guys Hits The Strip!

Our pals over in England, the Postman Pat dudes have gotten their awesome little motorcycle powered slingshot dragster on the strip! The run you’ll see in the video below was made last weekend and we’re pretty sure it was the first lap put on the car in anger outside of some testing on abandoned roads. The boys didn’t go easy on the new piece and when we tell you that the thing comes out of the hole screaming and with the tires blazing, we’re not kidding!

It’ll taken them a few laps to get the launch technique down and to maximize their elapsed times but for now, they’ve gone 12.60/105mph in the quarter mile and they have certainly notched their bedpost with a win. The little digger absolutely runs away from the kit car thing in the other lane. The car looks fantastic on the strip and it sounds mint as well. With the each side of the back swept exhaust pipes handling two cylinders each, it has a unique tone that isn’t the same as a standard four into one collector on a motorcycle.

With 130hp and a race weight of around 500lbs, we’re guessing that there’s plenty more to wring out of this bad ass little car. They didn’t even do a burnout on this pass. The car just pulled to the right of the water box and rolled to the line. When the clutch comes out and the throttle is thrown wide open the car lights up the tires and the driver has to pedal. Interestingly it tracked right ahead and didn’t swing or yaw to either side. It must be a blast to drive.

All we know is that the guys who run York Raceway over there in England must love these dudes when they show up. Why? Because they know that the videos of them running their stuff are guaranteed to spread like wildfire around the globe and the track is providing the stage for this to happen. Hell, the place is on MY personal list of “must see” strips.


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4 thoughts on “Video: The Miniature Slingshot From The Postman Pat Guys Hits The Strip!

  1. MattDuCharme

    Badass Video. That slingshot is wicked. FWIW, that “Kit Car Thing” looks to be a Caterham 7 which are pretty badass track day cars in their own right 🙂

    But yeah, the slingshot rules head and elbows above the 7.

  2. Phil

    Just for info, the kit car is a Tiger, running a Toyota 1600cc Twin Cam and was his first time on the strip.

  3. Dan

    130 horsepower is a good start, but when they can hammer it on wet asphalt and it doesn’t get crazy – well they could probably use some more horses. How about a donor Hayabusa or ZX-14?

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