Screamin’ Demon Feature: This 1971 Dodge Has A Nasty Small Block And A Retro Look That’ll Be In Forever

Screamin’ Demon Feature: This 1971 Dodge Has A Nasty Small Block And A Retro Look That’ll Be In Forever

As some of you may or may not know, my name appears in the byline in a few places outside of BangShift. One of those places is Mopar Muscle magazine. A few weeks ago, editor Johnny Hunkins contacted me and asked if I would like to accept an assignment to write a feature on a 1971 Demon. Immediately I accepted it because he spoke so highly of the car. By his description it reminded me of a killer car that Dave Nutting shot and I wrote up in 2014. That car belonged to a guy named Andrew Bostrom from Massachusetts and it was love at fight sight. In a kind of amazing twist, it actually WAS the same car that I was remembering! Bostrom has changed a bunch of stuff since our feature was written and the car is way harder core now than it was then.

Photographer John Machaqueiro shot the photos you see here and in the feature that’s linked below. Andrew has really stepped this car up and if you want to see the evolution, hit the link above before you hit the link below. It went from a beast to a full on monster. We love this thing.


Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 8.00.31 PM

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10 thoughts on “Screamin’ Demon Feature: This 1971 Dodge Has A Nasty Small Block And A Retro Look That’ll Be In Forever

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Awesome beauty – but is it just me or do Cragar s/s wheels just not look right on late-model cars? I prefer them on gassers and some 60s cars but they look sort of lost in the fenderwells of modern cars – why don’t they make them in 16 and 17 inch diameters which would look more in proportion

    1. jerry z

      Yes its you Geordie.

      Saying it’s a Day 2 car is spot on! Almost like looking at period correct Pro Stock in 1971. The color of the car just drips cool. I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. milkovich

      Cragar S/S wheels didn’t come out till ’64 and they were in full swing by the very late 60’s. In my opinion they’re the quintessential “muscle car” wheel. Gassers (unless sponsored by Cragar) seemed to run magnesium or aluminum wheels.

    3. RK

      I agree, these wheels are not for modern autos. They do look right on most 1970s cars, their native habitat. Even if they do make larger modern sizes, I would rather see modern design wheels on modern cars

  2. 75Duster

    My ’75 Duster is set up similar to this Demon, however. I’m not running 5:13 gears, I have 4:30’s in mine.

  3. Gump

    Nice A body for sure. Hate Cragars due to my personal experience fighting with them on my 70 Duster. My 70 Duster, that I bought when I was 14. Built it with my dad and a couple friends from a rusty yellow mess to a 11 second small block bracket racing green machine. Sounds like a similar story. Need more young guys building cars like this instead of bro dozers and cars with the displacement of a pop bottle.

  4. "Hemi" Tom

    Spot on ! I have a ’72 Scamp that I’m doing with the same vibe. Just getting to the wheels and tires now. thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Gary Burton

    Trying to do a duster like this with a small block but need a good set of headers. Preferably fender exit any ideas or do i have to build them?

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