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BangShift Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Road Food/Road Food Spot?

BangShift Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Road Food/Road Food Spot?

If you’ve read about our BangShifty road adventures over the years, you know why we’re asking this question. Part of road tripping and car travel is the food. Sometimes that food is a necessary evil, a quick fast food stop to keep you awake and other times it is virtually the destination. With the rise of the so called “smart phone” road food has entered another dimension. With apps like Urban Spoon, Flavortown and others, finding great food is only a couple clicks away. I’ll openly admit to using a couple of them on my trips to the ECTA meets in Ohio to grab something tasty and local off of the highway between my home outside of Boston and southern Ohio.

Speaking for both Chad and I whenever we’re traveling over long distances on terra firma, we do our best to his local spots to eat but the fact is we can’t always do it. We’ve had far better experiences walking into a local restaurant in a place we’ve never been than walking into a fast food joint under the same circumstances. It is utterly amazing how badly a fast food drone can jack up a simple assembly line cheeseburger or taco. When you eat at a local joint, no matter how greasy the spoon, there’s a modicum of care and attention going into the product and the end user wins big time!

So what’s your favorite type of road food and where’s the best place to get it? 

(My favorite track food of all time is below – pork butt on a stick at the US Nationals from a few years back!)


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6 thoughts on “BangShift Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Road Food/Road Food Spot?

  1. Challenger 6 Pac

    Greasy spoon looking places. 99% of the time the food is great. But Ohhh that other1%.
    If y’all ever find yourselves around Valdosta, GA y’all gotta check out the Farm House just off I-75 in Lake Park and try their alligator.

  2. Anthony

    Perkins or a Greek diner,always clean and the food is always good. We used to like Howard Johnsons but they are all gone. Perkins is on every exit it seems on I81 on the way to Carlisle PA .

  3. John Reed

    Miss Lyndonville Diner, exit 23 of I-91, on the way to the Burke Mountain Hillclimb – awesome food, cheap, service like a 5-star
    Loft Tavern @ the Okemo Hillclimb – Awesome burgers n’ bar food
    TacosTacos, rt. 103, Ludlow, VT – on the way to Okemo – Burritos the size of a baby, “Kitchen Sink” Nachos

  4. Tracey

    The Calico County Cafe in Amarillo TX. I stopped there every time on our way out to LA for the start of the Power Tours in 97/98. Their 7Up biscuits and jalepeno american fries were awesome.

  5. SoCalCamaro

    Try the MidPoint Cafe in Adrian, TX, they have great food and Ugly Crust pies….Hmmmm…

  6. CharlesW

    if im in a small town I will drive the main drag and a couple side streets and look for a locally owned diner / resturant. if the parking lot is full, the food must be good and by using that rule, ive never been wrong to this point

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