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BangShift Question Of The Day: Does A Cadillac Make The Best Car Hauler?

BangShift Question Of The Day: Does A Cadillac Make The Best Car Hauler?

Cadillac, the Standard of the World. Built from the remnants of the Henry Ford Corporation, acquired by General Motors early on in it’s history, winner of the Dewar Trophy, and for better or worse, the leading edge of automotive tastes in the country, from the original Runabouts to the unbelievably excessive 1959 Eldorado to the smooth, sleek and front-drive 1967 Eldorado, to the Brougham bricks and the Northstar lines, it’s Cadillac that is supposed to be the top-tier level of automotive excellence in the United States. (I can already hear the arguments winding up against that line, for sure.) But not every Caddy was an early-bird breakfast taxi, no. Cadillac’s Commercial Chassis, a strengthened and modified version of the largest sedan offered, saw duties as an ambulance, limousine, and of course, as a hearse; and the Unified Powerplant Package, the engine/transaxle combination that was found starting in the 1967 Eldorado and the Oldsmobile Toronado, also saw use in GM motorhomes. But those workday Caddies aren’t what I’m asking about. In the last week, two different takes on a car-hauling Cadillac have popped up. The car-hauling Cadillac Seville we showed you last week has been snapped up and will be used by the buyer, who has posted about his new acquisition on a Facebook page I follow. And yes, for as rough as that car looked, it drove home with no real issues. And yesterday, BangShifter HillbillySailor sent me a picture of a 1990s Cadillac Sedan de Ville that has been modified to be the power unit for a modified car trailer. Unorthodox? Yep. But is there something to this trend that we are missing? Does a Caddy make the best car hauler ever? You tell us!

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9 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: Does A Cadillac Make The Best Car Hauler?

  1. john

    I was behind a Honda Ridgeline pulling a 30′ offshore racing boat on a 3 axle steel ( painted) trailer. Most people have no idea of proper trailer towing.

  2. Robert Gibson

    Top picture was taken at Cool Cruisin\’ nights in Princeton, WV October 22nd. It,s a drivable vehicle, I watched it leave!

  3. Donny Chops

    Why not if it does the job . The top picture yes . The bottom picture no . I wouldn’t drive that one around the block . Growing up in Jersey in the 60’s a lot of the stock / super stock guys , and others , used the big Station Wagons of the day to haul trailers . What ever works for you and is safe .

  4. Brendan M

    People laughed at my Elantra pulling my motorcycle trailer, but they shut up when they learn I get 32mpg towing.

    You don’t need $40k worth of truck. Do whatever works for you, and like Donny Chops said make it safe.

  5. Bill Greenwood

    Years ago, a racer I know built a very nice hauler that combined a square-body GM pickup cab, a front-drive Toronado 455 trans-axle, and a 16 ft. flat deck tandem axle car trailer. He even fitted a nice tire/tool box and fairing at the back of the cab. As with everything Doug built, it was nicely finished. He did confess that he regretted not trying harder to find a crew-cab for the build, but it went down the road very nicely.
    Last I heard, it’s still kicking around somewhere in western Canada.

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