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BangShift LIVE FREE Streaming Video Coverage of the 2012 March Meet

BangShift LIVE FREE Streaming Video Coverage of the 2012 March Meet

BangShift is proud to announce that we will once again be providing FREE LIVE streaming coverage of the historic March Meet at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California starting this Thursday at 10am! We’ve been broadcasting this race live for years now and it is always a huge crowd both online and at the track, for obvious reasons. The event is always packed with killer nostalgia floppers, front engine fuelers, bad ass sportsman entries of all shapes and sizes and exhibition cars that bring down the house. This year we’ll be live from THURSDAY through SUNDAY! That’s right…four full days of live drag racing action, beamed right into your office, living room, shop, wherever!

LIVE coverage starts at 10am on Thursday and then 8:30am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All times are Pacific. Remember, we’ll be filming until each and every final has gone down, so hang out with us all weekend for the greatest Nostalgia Drag Racing Event on the Planet.

We want to extend a special thanks to Blake Bowser and the whole crew at Famoso for letting us bring their race to a world wide audience. Without them allowing us to stick Chad on a scaffold for four days none of this would be possible. Also, our great sponsor line up that we’ll be announcing soon! Including a big new sponsor announcement that you aren’t going to want to miss, so DON’T!

Tickets are on sale now, and while we love having you online with us, there is nothing that compares to being there in person. Is the March Meet on your bucket list? Then get off the couch and come hang with us at Famoso Raceway.Tickets are on sale here.

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8 thoughts on “BangShift LIVE FREE Streaming Video Coverage of the 2012 March Meet

  1. Tim Cooper

    Cannot wait for this event. You did a brilliant job during the recent testing. We will be supporting here in the UK. All the Santa Pod boys will be here watching.
    Hope Chad and Brian can come here and host one of our events in the UK soon.

  2. Terry Ayers

    Hi Guys cannot wait to see this event.I am a Santa Pod boy and hope to see you there soon.you do a great job Chad & Brian get up the good work.

  3. Rocky Famoso

    Once again, a Big THANK YOU! to the sponsors that allow Chad and Brian, and the whole BangShift crew to bring this OUTSTANDING coverage to all us fans!

  4. Nitroblast1

    Hi Chad,
    Got my shirt and decals.
    Will be at the March Meet Fri-Sun.
    Will see you there…..SIGNAL HILL MIKE

  5. Chassisman

    Im just about all loaded up…..we’ll be leaving 6am Tuesday …3 hour drive later and we’ll be at the holy land.

  6. Big dayyy1400

    Time to buy extra speakers for this weekend! The neighborhood will sound just like Famosa.
    Thanks to all of the sponsors for supporting Bang Shift, they rock!!!!

  7. Ron Evans

    you guys are bitchin’! thanks for all the hard work y’all do to bring these events to us that can’t attend. we appreciate it more than you know.

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