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BangShift is Proud to Announce Comp Cams and FAST Have Joined our Family of Sponsors!

BangShift is Proud to Announce Comp Cams and FAST Have Joined our Family of Sponsors!

Chad and I are very proud to announce that Comp Cams and FAST have joined the BangShift family of sponsors. As two of the aftermarket’s leading companies, Comp Cams and FAST deliver high quality products and service to the same horsepower starved gearheads that read BangShift each and every day. You’ll see that they are also sponsoring this weekend’s LIVE and FREE broadcast of the 2012 March Meet, which will be broadcast to a huge world wide audience starting at 9AM Pacific time on Thursday morning and running all the way until Sunday evening.

Comp has been on the bleeding edge of camshaft innovation since their founding in 1976. They’ve pioneered many of the technologies we take for granted in cam construction and engineering today. This is the company that literally invented the Spintron machine which has been the most singularly important piece of equipment ever created in terms of valvetrain development and testing. Their innovative ion nitriding process for cams is regarded as the most advanced in the industry and their cam selection is virtually limitless. If you want to kill a whole day playing with numbers and looking at cam cards (and who doesn’t) go to www.camquest.com and have camshaft playtime!

FAST (Fuel Air Spark Technology) a part of the Comp Performance Group is an industry leader in fuel injection systems from mild to wild. They offer the cool and easy to install EZ-EFI system that is designed to be a first step into the fuel injection world for long time carb users and the options grow from there. On the upper end of the spectrum FAST offers their innovative XFI system which allows the user the full tuning control that serious racers and hot rodders want. FAST hosts a series of classes and seminars all over the country each year in the form of their FAST XFI fuel injection training courses. These courses have helped new users get better and long time users fine tune their cars and their customers’ cars to an even higher level. ¬†Visit their website at www.fuelairspark.com!

Chad and I are honored to have FAST and Comp Cams on board as BangShift sponsors. Please consider both of these brands when shopping for a camshaft or a fuel injection system for your hot rod, street machine, or race car!



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2 thoughts on “BangShift is Proud to Announce Comp Cams and FAST Have Joined our Family of Sponsors!

  1. TheSilverBuick

    I have a semi-blank cam for the Pontiac OHC L6 engine that I need to have a finish grind put on it and I’ve been contemplating having it nitrided.


    Self Tuning EFI Wars!!!

    In the RED corner, the MSD Atomic EFI!!

    In the BLACK corner, the FAST EZ-EFI!!!

    Officiating today’s match is THE FRIDGE, a 1987 Caprice 9C1 with a craigslist 350!

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