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EFI Video: Watch Holley’s Self Learning EFI Tune Itself on an Engine Dyno

Holley’s Avenger, HP, and Dominator EFI systems all have self learning capabilities, meaning that once you install the hard parts, you can literally fire the engine up, drive around, and the system will teach itself how much fuel to be feeding the engine as you go down the road. This is one of the many major advancements that have made EFI systems so much more user friendly to the average car guy, racer, and backyard hot rodder in recent years. Previously you had to set the base fuel maps all by yourself and if you didn’t have any real knowledge of the process it could end in disaster. In today’s world, guys with EFI knowledge can get into the fuel maps and work their magic, but a guy who is most used to making carb jet changes and idle screw adjustments can literally plug and play with these systems. As an added bonus, he’ll get more power and economy from his car or truck than he did before.

We found this video on Holley Performance’s YouTube page and it gives a neat look at just how the brains of the Holley EFI system learn about fueling the engine as it is running. The dyno is used to simulate a couple of full throttle blasts and then some cruising RPMs. As an added challenge to the system, the guys running the dyno pull 50% fuel away from the engine manually, then set the computer back into self-learn mode to see how quickly it see and adjusts to that lack of fuel. Let’s just say it works a hell of a lot quicker than it takes us to change jets!

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2 thoughts on “EFI Video: Watch Holley’s Self Learning EFI Tune Itself on an Engine Dyno

  1. b3m

    I can still change a jet quicker. That is interesting grid work though. square area of a cricle really is an oxymoron.

  2. jack pine

    I have Holley EZ systems on 2 of my cars. You can change a jet quicker …than what?, my Holley will still have better throttle response all day long. Plus, I’m using the configurable input/output ports to control the cooling fan on/off temps (replacing a bunch of extra wires) and on my Valiant, it will control the A/C, including an idle compensation when the compressor is on. Imagine the rube goldberg setup required to pull that off w/o the on-board unit.

    Plus, I can tune “disconnected” – tweaking the tune when I’m in the house and uploading it later on in the garage.

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