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Caption this Photo: Nightmare on the Strip!

Caption this Photo: Nightmare on the Strip!

As much as we like to look back on old school drag racing as a period where everything was grand and nothing was wrong, this photo helps to shine the light of reality on the era a little. We do not know who took it or what strip it happened at. We also do not know what car these crew guys were with, at least until the driver/owner found out about this debacle!

So the truck looks to be a late 1960s, early 1970s Ford and judging by the amount of tools these fellows were lugging around, and the fact that they needed a push/tow truck, we’re going to guess they were racing a fuel car. Note that inside the truck bed cap, if you look past the tools that didn’t fall out, there’s a blanket and what looks to be a pillow. Deluxe room!

We’re pretty sure the racers waiting on the line behind these guys were really pissed because with all the parts and pieces that fell out, it must have taken them a long timew account for everything and make sure the track surface was clean.

All that aside, the conversation between the track officials and crew must have been all-time.

We need a great caption for this photo! Get to it!

Total disaster!

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30 thoughts on “Caption this Photo: Nightmare on the Strip!

  1. PDQ

    @oldschoolcamaro – this may be one of the occurrences you saw. The truck appears to have black w/gold letter California plates.

  2. KansasWilly

    What do you expect when you let your driver drive the push truck? They’re always trying to hone their reaction times!

  3. Swede 4

    Car Owner to the Crew:

    ?ǣSee what happens when you forget to sticker-up the tool chest, I told you-all last night to stick that chest and now look what you done!?ǥ

  4. Matt

    Sorry, but I’m not into the rat rod stuff. A rod in primer is one thing. Throwing a pile of dogsh*t together and calling it a hot rod is something different. Also, I don’t need to pay for something I really don’t want to read. Yes, I read more than the captions.
    Last issue I got there was a cool article on Linda but oher than that I haven’t been that impressed with the magazine in the past year.
    As for Car Crap and (un)Popular Hot Rodding, I haven’t seen an issue of them in about 7 years,let alone buy one. They are a far cry of what they once were in the ’60’s and ’70’s.
    I get Drag Racer, Drag Racing Action ,and Area Auto Racing News by subscription. The rest,including National Dragster, I dropped. They only end up in the recycling can anyway. Christ, if I saved every issue of every car rag that came out, my house would look like one of those places on that “Hoarders” show.
    If I see an issue with alot of cool stuff on the stands I’ll buy it. I just am not into all the stuff they do.
    I will definitely check out this new magazine and if it is good I will buy it. I miss Drag News.

  5. franknstein

    matt are you ok?it says to caption the photo,put down the pipe and look at the pic and say something to the effect of” go ahead put those any where!”see how ez?

  6. cyclone03

    I know this aint a caption but,
    I think thats Jim Dunn’s Truck,picture is a still from Funny Car Summer

  7. oldracer

    Been there, done that. At least it is not mine since we had a Chevy and it was at Union Grove. You can’t imagine how hard it was to clean off the burn out goo that was used in those days. The Snap On tool box held up pretty good.

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