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Salt In The Wound: This 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Hurts McT’s Soul!

Salt In The Wound: This 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Hurts McT’s Soul!

Currently, it seems that everybody I know and their mother has made a pilgrimage to South Georgia Motorsports Park to be present for Lights Out 11. Chad and Lyle and Team Bigun are all present to get the “Moonshine Missile” Ford Granada wagon ready for the race that was delayed after the cars of the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout found themselves on fire on the side of an interstate in New Mexico last fall. James Rowlett, the man behind cars like the violent Caprice and the Boost of Burden Mustang is on his way with a new car specifically built for the DXP class. And I’m…sitting at home, watching the floodwaters rise, keeping things going while everybody else is standing somewhere near the starting line. So, since that’s going on, I figured why not do a quick search of the local classified ads? What could hurt?


Out of all my regrets involving anything automotive, the biggest one I have involves the 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS I had in high school. I bought it from a gentleman who needed the cash and was a bit hesitant to sell it to a 17-year-old. I drove that G-body over every mile of Colorado I could, most of the time with the T-tops stowed in the trunk. I had the VIN memorized (still do!) and I washed it so much my grandfather started to get concerned. It was glorious, much more than I honestly deserved to have. But I let that car get away from me. And every single day since, I’ve kicked myself in the ass for it.

You’re looking at a dead-nuts ringer for that very same car. Other than the 1988 VIN code, it’s identical: silver body, black stripes, N90 wheels, burgundy interior with floor shift, power everything. The only difference is that mine still had the stock deck in the car instead of an aftermarket unit. This is a car that, if I ever strike a lucky break in a casino, will be item #1 to deal with. Not just for nostalgia purposes…but because that Monte was a damn good car regardless.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bury my head in a Mustang restoration catalog now to get my mind off of this car.

Facebook Marketplace link: 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

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9 thoughts on “Salt In The Wound: This 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Hurts McT’s Soul!

    1. James D Logan

      I got a 85 with the 4.6 in it 2nd owner 39000 miles all original mint condition traded off my racing quad for it lol gonna go with the lt1 in it to a ford 9in going in tonight idk what tranny to use tho any suggestions for a automatic?

  1. Henrik

    I have several cars in the back of my mind that i will regreat selling til the day i die. When i handed over the Keys to my charger i thought i was going to have a heartattack, i dident but heartake i still have. Same thing with my trans am. But you cant pay rent with happiness of owning a car, and when that is the only option you part with them although it hurts.

  2. Richard Noggin

    McT : I thought you was gonna tell us about how you bought that Monte Carlo to cruise down to Cecil, Ga for ‘LightOut 11’ !!!

  3. Anthony Salvatori

    I almost made the same mistake. I decided to have the car refreshed instead. I have owned the car since 1987….only owner. What vehicle would you think it is?

    Well, low Nd behold it is.a 1987 Monte Carlo SS, white with saddle inter and the dark gold stripes, why the dark gold stripes…well because it is an Aerocoupe with TTops…….next will be a motor swap.

  4. moriquendil

    i almost had one just like this back in 94\’! was supposed to be my first car burgundy on burgundy. the owner my then boss was driving me home to write him a check and sign the title over. but fate raised her hand and smote down the monte on the way home, burning the engine bay to the ground in the gas station parking lot 3 blocks from my house! he lucked out and sold it for parts for more than i was going to pay for the whole car.

  5. C.M. Bendig

    I had a Trio of Light Blue Monte Carlo Luxury Sport(s). 2 305 cars and a 4.3V6 car. I’d like to find another one. I prefer the LS nose to the SS or regular Monte Carlo front clips. I’d probably have to go down to texas to find a rust free one.

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