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Drag Gallery: The Massive 2012 AMC Day at Mason-Dixon Dragway – AMC Hotness Abounds!

Drag Gallery: The Massive 2012 AMC Day at Mason-Dixon Dragway – AMC Hotness Abounds!

(Photos by John Button and Victor Santiago) – This is a well timed gallery because I have had AMCs on the brain lately. Having been at the strip announcing the last couple of weekend, I have seen everything from killer super stock AMX entries to a T-stock automatic 1977 Gremlin attacking the quarter mile. Oh, there was also a 10.5-inch tire 1979 Spirit with a totally pissed off 390 providing the power. When I got a note from John Button (known as Caustic Frog on the BangShift forum section) that he had been at Mason Dixon Dragway in Maryland hanging out and racing at their long running (21 years!) AMC day, and he had photos I was stoked.

John’s gallery is great with more than 50 photos showing everything from super sano Marlins to full tilt NHRA super stock legal AMX screamers. There are tons of show cars and lots of unique drag machines as well. AMC has the most active motorsports following of any orphaned automaker that was not killed off in the last 10 years. Lots of guys are still road racing these cars, drag racing these cars, and CJ5 and 7 Jeeps are all over the place on trails, at mud bogs, and anywhere else there is off road fun to be had.

Thanks to John for sharing these photos and making us regret parting with the forlorn Javelin project we had as yard art for a couple years. We’re living in guilt city now!

Hit the link below to see a bitchin’ gallery of AMC goodness!



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5 thoughts on “Drag Gallery: The Massive 2012 AMC Day at Mason-Dixon Dragway – AMC Hotness Abounds!

  1. Grippo

    Love me some AMC’s…Nice work! Two of my favorite AMX Super Stockers Aris Asdourian and A.H. Adkins in the house…nice.

  2. Anonymous

    What an inspiring sight to see on a groggy Monday morning!
    Love them Ramblers!
    I sure do miss my old 401 Gremlin!

  3. Frog

    Thanks Brian! I know there are more AMC guys on the east coast that don’t even know about this event, Its been moved around the past few years, and almost didn’t happen last year. It definitely needs more exposure. I’m gonna do my best to help get the word out there, and make it 2X bigger for next year!

  4. 75Duster

    Although I am primarily a Mopar guy, I do appreciate seeing some badass AMC’s,and I once came close to buying a ’70 AMX while I was stationed in Hawaii, getting parts was the only issue I had at the time.

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