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Pro Motor Engines Now Approved & Certified Engine Builder for Trans Am TA2® Series

Pro Motor Engines Now Approved & Certified Engine Builder for Trans Am TA2® Series

PME may be big wigs in the Trans Am and NASCAR worlds, but they are also into drag racing, and anything else that needs horsepower. Their latest accomplishment, being chosen as one of the select engine builders allowed to service or build a Trans Am series engine. We love Trans Am racing, and always have, so this is a pretty big step for these guys. And since these engines are LS3 based, you know these guys are going to be able to help you with the right combo for your ride. Oh, and since some Trans Am engines are restricted on power, they are going to love being able to give you all the power you can handle. And they are conveniently located in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Here is all the information: CLICK HERE TO CONTACT PME DIRECTLY

MOORESVILLE, NC (March 2, 2021) The Trans Am series named Pro Motor Engines (PME) as the newest Approved & Certified Engine Builder/Rebuilder (AEBR) for the Trans Am TA2® class. The Mooresville, North Carolina, engine builder and tuner can now build race-ready and race-legal V8 engines for the TA2® class Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers.

“We’ve had a long history of building great performing race engines,” said PME Owner Dennis Borem. “I’m happy the Trans Am Series recognizes PME’s expertise. We’ve built many TA engines and are proud to offer race teams another option.”

Trans Am considers multiple factors when selecting approved engine builders, including expertise and location. “More than anything, we verify that the engine builder is trustworthy, and we can build a long- term partnership with them,” said TA2®Technical Director Ricky Brooks. “We limit the number of approved engine builders so that each engine builder has the opportunity to be an enthusiastic and profitable partner. We try to select engine builders that fill a geographic need, and have the proper experience and facilities to provide good service and reliable engines to our teams.”

Trans Am began considering PME after two engine builders were removed from this year’s list. “The Technical Staff also has experience with PME due to their building engines for the TA class and other series,” said Brooks. “Therefore, we have developed a trust with PME that we believe will serve the requirements of the Trans Am series and our TA2® teams, well.” Their geographic location in North Carolina, the heart of NASCAR, also made them attractive to multiple TA2® teams.

With over 40 years in business, PME offers full-service machining, building, and tuning. PME’s Mooresville location features a chassis dyno, two engine dynos, CNC department, machining department, and two engine assembly rooms. Their motorsports experience ranges from drag racing to NASCAR applications, and PME’s engines power winners in classes ranging from Super Late Model to NASCAR’s top divisions. PME specializes in supporting privateer NASCAR Cup and Xfinity programs.

PME hit the ground running with a quick turnaround of four engines at the Trans Am season-opening event at Sebring International Raceway. Currently, PME is approved to build and service engines for the following Trans Am Classes: Trans Am (TA), TA2® (CHOICE Engine), Xtreme GT (XGT), Super GT (SGT), and Grand Touring (GT). Exceptions being the FIA GT 3 cars in XGT, the FIA GT4 cars, and Porsche Cup Cars found in SGT, which are required to use factory sealed engines.

PME joins the list of six other approved engine builders: Brand Racing Engines, OK; Katech, MI; Koury Race Engines, FL; Sampson Racing Engines, TX; Schwanke Engines, MN; Wegner Motorsports, WI.

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