Holy Crap, This Might Be The Baddest Throttle Body Ever Invented! Serious Game Changer. The ICON 102 From Motion Raceworks

Holy Crap, This Might Be The Baddest Throttle Body Ever Invented! Serious Game Changer. The ICON 102 From Motion Raceworks

Wow, just wow. Throttle bodies aren’t something that is super exciting because of their functionality, but they are usually made out of all kinds of billety goodness and they look awesome so you want to touch them and love them. And because aftermarket throttle bodies are usually larger than stock, they flow more air and make more power which is always the goal right? But picking the right throttle body can sometimes be a chore. Engine compartments are incredibly tight in many engine swap scenarios and that means getting your intake system fed into the front of an intake manifold can be a real headache when there isn’t enough room to make a 90 degree turn. Folks often go to a tight radius 90 degree silicon boot or make a pie cut 90, and neither of these is the right solution. They just aren’t.

This new ICON 102 has options for connecting to your intake tubing. Boosted cars will be especially happy with this new offering as there are tight 90s, dual 45s, a completely new o-ring style clamp, and v-band connectors. All of which require no welding on the throttle body side. Never again will you have to weld on your brand new part. Instead, you can mount your chosen connector at whichever angle works best for your application and instantly save a minimum of 1 inch of clearance in your installation, all while getting the best performing connection available. Never again will boost leaks be a thing because of silicon connectors at your throttle body.

We’re super excited to try this new system out, and we know you want more information, so here is all the info from Motion as well as the video showing all the details. Want a 92 mm version? It’s coming soon, don’t worry!


  • Interchangeable Connection (ICON) design allows for interechangeable front features
  • Patent pending connection seal allows for ultimate sealing for attachments
  • Custom dual return spring creates perfect feel and operation on N/A or boosted applications.
  • Modular design allows for the most compact ¬†throttle body packaging on the market, period!
  • Low profile IAC port for increased hood clearance
  • 1/8″ NPT port for vacuum reference
  • Black anodized for maximum durability and looks
  • Utilizes LS2 style 4 Bolt pattern for ultimate compatibility with intakes

ICON Throttle Bodies

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