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What Kind Of Crack Do You Have To Smoke To Think This 1967 Camaro Is Worth $5,500?

What Kind Of Crack Do You Have To Smoke To Think This 1967 Camaro Is Worth $5,500?

Sometimes I am truly dumbfounded by the pricing people put on cars. Having a finished and nice car that you think is worth $150,000 because you saw one go for that on one of those TV auctions, is sometimes no realistic, but at least a little understandable. But when you see a car like this Camaro, that needs A PILLARS, a roof skin, quarters, and probably everything else, you wonder how in the hell can someone think it is worth anything near this kind of money? Especially when you can find cars in much nicer shape for sale in the area at the same money!? It has always boggled my mind that people can even think they are worth it.

And in truth they don’t even believe it themselves. I say this, because if you read the listing for this one the seller is already telling you to keep your comments to yourself, etc. That’s because he has already hear from people, or thinks he’ll hear from people at any rate, that this thing sucks and isn’t worth half that money. And those people are RIGHT!

Here’s what the seller put in the listing.

Car price is 5500. Firm no trades, Not running, complete car, needs restoring, price is firm, do not contact me unless you have the money and want to buy it, No photo collectors, underside is good,has a 400 small block, auto transmission, not sure type, has a racing shifter. Traction bars, with aluminum wheels, I will not respond to IS IT AVAILABLE”””””””” I WILL REMOVE IT WHEN SOLD.call or text only, car is in Seguin, Tx, 30 miles east of San Antonio. #####If you are not a buyer, your comment are not needed#### I’m not concerned as to where you live, if you want it come see it and get it.

In all honesty, if this car was within an hour of home I’d go look at it and negotiate with the guy. For my own enjoyment at least. I know it sounds like a bit of a dick move, but this just isn’t worth this money in any way, shape, or form. It would cost $5,000 to get this car to not be rusty, if you did all the work yourself. And it would cost $10,000 to get it not rusty if you paid someone else that didn’t charge much.

What do you guys think of cars like this? It isn’t just this Camaro, there are a bunch of listings like this each and every week on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.

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23 thoughts on “What Kind Of Crack Do You Have To Smoke To Think This 1967 Camaro Is Worth $5,500?

  1. Tony Primo

    The guy has obviously been reading too many Road Runner and/or Challenger listings. The Mopar guys would be asking $15,000 for this.

  2. bob

    That would be to bad if EVERYONE who reads this sends rusty camero owner a nice test or phone call letting said idiot know how over priced his rusty POS is. Just a thought.

  3. greg

    He sure didn’t waste any money on extra lug nuts. And is that a poorly welded roll bar I see in the second pic? This is the type of rust we deal with in the Rust Belt, except they ask 10k for the same car.

  4. thefatguy

    here in hawaii the guy would be asking $30k–and the sad part is,
    some idiot with more $ than brains would jump on it!

    that being said, i–like most of you im sure- stripped and threw
    away cars in better shape than this. and boy do i regret EVERY
    SINGLE ONE OF EM nowdays…..

    1. theraif

      HEY NOW…..The guy has obviously been reading too many Road Runner and/or Challenger listings. The Mopar guys would be asking $15,000 for this.
      well your right hehehe

  5. Darryl nagy

    So people’s have dreams. , no brains ,like old cars but just don’t see cost in involved try to bring this P. O. S. Back from rabbit hole of rust cancer monster. .did a 69 camaro for a customer a few years ago only thing left from Gm was firewall and roof and had to weld patches in them to. 75 thousands dollars in body and 30 was parts no drive train or suspension and it still Hadden hit paint yet.the owner payed 10000.00 for the nice body man in can, primer shell .plane Jane camaro Not rs / ss or anything special. . Told the guy before we start ordering the Chinese camaro body parts to rebuild the pos it would be cheaper to buy a better car..but I shut my mouth because the owner didn,t like what I was saying started to piss the guy off. customer always right.they say. Buyer beware.

  6. jerry z

    C’mon Chad, it’s a Camaro! Of course he going to get $500, I mean $5500 for for the car because it’s a Camaro!

    Lucky for you it’s not a SS or RS or the price would be double.

  7. Glen A Hayes

    So many people think they are sitting on a gold mine when in reality it is nothing more than a dream because it is a 1st gen Camaro. Listings for this stuff is commonly horrendously over priced down here in south Texas. I see it all the time. I remember one listing on Craigslist San Antonio a guy had a ’63 four door Fairlane with a 6 cyl. and 3 speed for $7k. It was rough, real rough. So I’m not surprised it is in Seguin.

  8. Ted

    We can all thank barrett-ripoff for people thinking stuff like this is worth something.

    Sticking some well endowed woman in the face of an aging guy with a 401K to spend while some guy is screaming unintelligible numbers led to all of this. Guy overspends on insert name here at one of their auctions, and then each and every other vehicle of the same type then instantly became worth 75% more to the private sellers. Doesn’t matter if the only solid metal left in it is the glovebox, it’s a collector’s item.

  9. Michael Brown

    Geez guys 5K for a rusty shell is the going rate on the Marketplace. I just sold a basket case 65 Chevelle shell for a friend for 5K. It sold in 24 hrs. If you don’t want it don’t buy it. Why call him out, your comments don’t set the prices of classic cars, the marketplace does.

  10. Rex

    Prices on nearly everything that can be even loosely associated with a “muscle car” have become very over inflated over the past 10 – 15 years. I think there are several factors at play, some of which have already been touched on in some of the other comments (i.e. Barrett-Jackson, Meachums, etc.). I think the huge Baby Boomer (I’m one of them BTW) has had a lot to do with it. Huge numbers of men and women have hit the retired/semi-retired point since the millennium rolled around. And, lots of these folks find themselves with some disposable income and, a little free time on their hands for the first time in their lives so, they start looking for that car or truck they always wanted or, had years earlier and let get away. So, supply and demand comes into play when you have dwindling numbers of what people are wanting and high demand for the items. I believe that another, even bigger factor is the internet (eBay, youtube, Facebook, Car Forums, etc. etc…). All of these have created a virtual 24-7 Swap Meet and Car Show that everyone can have access to in a matter of seconds. All of these things have contributed to the current market prices. As for me, even though I may have a little more disposable income and some free time on my hands these days, I am not getting caught up in the current feeding frenzy. There were some pretty respectable performance cars made between 2000 and 2010 and, and more than few of them are going for some decent prices these days…

  11. Chris Rinke

    The problem with people that have junk in their yard is; 1) they watch too much Reality TV and see someone rebuild a car and make big $ off of it. 2) they think that since they own it it’s worth a ton of money if someone else might want it. 3) the word Mustang or Camaro makes them see $ bills because “ everyone wants one and that means it must be worth a lot.

  12. DB Schneider

    Another reason the seller is asking way too much for this ‘Crusher Canidate Camaro’ is that he wants to impress his friends that he is soon to have $5500 in his pocket.


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