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See ALL Of BangShift.com’s Bonneville Speed Week 2016 Photo And Record Coverage Right Here

See ALL Of BangShift.com’s Bonneville Speed Week 2016 Photo And Record Coverage Right Here

Update: We have so much coverage already, and it’s only day four of seven at Bonneville Speed Week 2016. To make it easier on you to find each and every photo, record announcement, record qualifying results, and more, we’re putting them ALL in one place. Click any of the links below to visit the galleries and check out all the photos, or to see who qualified for a record each day. Plus, you can see our announcements on the epic return of the Challenger II with Danny Thompson behind the wheel, and George Poteet’s Speed Demon breaking Al Teagues’ 16 year old record by more than 35 mph!

Our first gallery of race cars in the pits, and in line for tech, is below. Use the links for everything else.

Hot Rods and Cool Non-Racing Vehicles on the Salt

Friday Night Bonneville Nugget Car Show Photos

Pit Photos From Saturday 

Kick Ass Hot Rods, Trucks, And More On The Salt Saturday

Poteet Goes 382, Thompson Goes 411, Photos and More

Every Car That Qualified For A Record On Sunday

More Kick Ass Bonneville Machines

Nothing But Cool, Weird, And Awesome Engines From Bonneville

This Old Triumph (We Think) Is A Turbocharged Wonder…Or Is It?

Ask And You Shall Recieve! More Bonneville Photos

Think You’ve Seen It All? Not Even Close

Every Car That Made A Record Return Run On Monday

Danny Thompson Kills It With Challenger II Record Over 400 mph

We Highlight Cool Lettering And Numbers On The Cars Of Bonneville

Doing Camping Right At Bonneville: This International And Shasta Trailer Are Awesome.

Cruisers, Trucks, and Haulers From A Salty Sunday At Bonneville

Even More Photos From Bonneville Speed Week 2016

Trailers And Motorhomes We’re Drooling Over At Bonneville

More Speed, More Power, More Photos from Bonneville Speed Week 2016

We’re Not Done Yet! More Racing Photos

Speed Demon Sets 416 mph Record!

Every Car, and Truck, That Made A Record Return Run On Tuesday

Beautiful Traditional Hot Rods On The Bonneville Salt Flats – We Want Them All

Here Is Your Good Morning Salt Fix From Bonneville Speed Week 2016. Hot Rods, Tow Rigs, And Trucks

More Race Cars From The Salt At Bonneville Speed Week 2016

Bonneville Speed Week 2016 Tuesday Morning Record Return Run Photos

The Scoop! Here’s All Of The Cars And Trucks Running For Records On Wednesday At Bonneville

Despite Blown Up Engines, Transmissions, And More, Bonneville Speed Week 2016 Racers Are Still Going

Bonneville Speed Week 2016: Have Another Taste Of The Salt

Bonneville Speed Week 2016: A Day In The Life – Watch The Salt Rise From The Darkness

More Bonneville Speed Week 2016 Photos Right Here!

Need Your Sunday Morning Bonneville Speed Week 2016 Fix? Here You Go!

We’re here and it is officially ON! The 68th running of SCTA Speed Week is shaping up to be a great one. Three courses are built on the salt, hundreds of race cars are going through tech inspection and racing is set to begin in the morning. The pent up excitement of racers can be felt and the environment on the salt is electric. Everyone is smiling, happy, and read to let ’em eat!

We cruised the salt today to start bringing you the best coverage on the inter webs from Bonneville Speed Week 2016. We’re going to run you over with racers, fun, hot rods, and whatever else we can dig up here as well. Look for daily results posts, who’s running hard, who is blown up, and who may shock the world with big speeds and performances no one saw coming.

This is the opening salvo! The salt is ready, the cars are ready, and we’re ready too!

Click the images to expand ’em and see killer racecars at Bonneville Speed Week 2016




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16 thoughts on “See ALL Of BangShift.com’s Bonneville Speed Week 2016 Photo And Record Coverage Right Here

  1. Shawn Fox Firth

    Hey Brian could you tell me any thing about that straight 6 with Arias valve cover ? Please n Thanks man, I really enjoy your work . . .

    1. Dan Tuttle

      That Arias valve cover is in an Arias cylinder head that they still offer for a GMC 6. It’s similar to the Howard’s 12 port head.

  2. Joseph Jolly

    Hey Brian! Nice work, I’ll be there as a spectator on Sunday morning. Will be there all week, hope we cross paths!

  3. Mc1984ss

    Please get some pics and specs on that new Honda streamliner that was at the cook shootout if at all possible, wish I was there thanks for the reports

  4. Joe Esmerado

    At Bonneville for the first time this week. I was at the 2014 rain out. I am overwhelmed…I have been reading about this place for decades….it cannot be understood until you have your feet on the Salt….I cannot stop watching the push starts on the long course….Save the Salt indeed !!!

  5. Phil Hendrix

    Is there some technical reason you guys can’t post some video of some of the runs? Love all the photo’s but some video would be simply outstanding?

  6. Ty H

    I hear what Phil is saying.
    4 words Bangshift,
    Live Streaming Record Runs!
    I’d make the whole hose get up to watch!

    1. Chad Reynolds Post author

      We would love to shoot video and live stream, but there are some permit requirements with the SCTA that kept us from being able to. But we are working on it for next year!

  7. John couch

    Seriously guys, thank you so much for the OUTSTANDING coverage of this event. You have no idea how much it is appreciated.

  8. ratpatrol66

    Brain and Chad, are your heads cleared up yet? 5 days out there is still screwing with me?

  9. Luther Hopp

    Thank you all so much for the excellent photo coverage of Speed Week. It has inspired me to commit to finally going next year so hopefully there is Speed Week 2017.

  10. Richard

    I’m going to the flats for the first time in Sept. These pictures are super. I do have a question. Do I need a pass or any to get close to the cars before they run? Thanks

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