Best Of BS 2017: Here’s The Spot For ALL Of Our 2017 Bonneville Speed Week Coverage!

Best Of BS 2017: Here’s The Spot For ALL Of Our 2017 Bonneville Speed Week Coverage!

So here’s BangShift’s 2017 Bonneville Speed Week information hub. This one place will be updated with all of our photos, breaking news, record qualifiers, features, and stuff that happens over the course of the week. Yes, you’ll be able to see all of the stories and blog items we post individually but if you want to find them culled into one spot, this is the jam right here.

The salt is good, our cameras are ready, and we’re going to be hitting it hard all week for you.

Also! Make sure that you follow us on Facebook as Chad and I are going to be doing lots of live streams from the event on the BangShift Facebook page. 

Feature: Bonneville Speed Week 2017 – What Do All Those Class Designation Letters Mean, Anyway?

Gallery: Bonneville Speed Week 2017 – Friday gallery – cars and trucks coming in, tech line, more 

Gallery: Bonneville Speed Week 2017 – More Friday images from the Bonneville Salt Flats

Car Feature: The Story of the Blonde Bitch belly tanker – homebuilt and amazing  

Gallery: Friday night Bonneville photo update 

Gallery: Friday night Nugget Car show photo extravaganza 

Gallery: Saturday morning Bonneville Speed Week photo update 

EVENT RESULTS: All record qualifiers from Saturday racing – Danny Thompson goes 435!

EVENT RESULTS: All record qualifiers from Sunday racing – multiple straight eights!

Gallery: Sunday mid-day competition photo gallery – stuff!

TRUCK FEATURE: This 1999 Ford truck has a massive 12V-92 Detroit Diesel and goes 225!

Gallery: Sunday afternoon update gallery from the salt 

Gallery: Monday morning competition gallery from the salt 

Gallery: More photos from Bonneville, the Mecca of speed

EVENT RESULTS: All record qualifiers from Monday racing – a small, tough group 

Gallery: The engines of Bonneville, from mild and small to huge and crazy!

VIDEO: Running a one-headed, nitro injected, half a hemi on the salt!

Gallery: Photos, photos, and more fresh photos from the salt at Speed Week

Gallery: Lunch break salt photos from the lenses of Chad and Cole 

Gallery: Tuesday lunch break photos from morning darkness through the day

Gallery: Tuesday late afternoon posted gallery

Gallery: Wednesday means more photos from Bonneville!

Gallery: The onslaught continues! More photos. 

Gallery: Nothing but engines!

Gallery: Speed Demon pulls it off and wins the Hot Rod Trophy again!

Gallery: Target 550 takes a swing at things!

Gallery: The salt just keeps flying with more Bonneville Speed Week photos.

Gallery: Hot rods, crusty bikes, and more from Bonneville Speed Week.

Gallery: Just cause Speed Week is over doesn’t mean we’re out of photos.

Gallery: More cars, trucks, and scenes from the sprawling pits at Bonneville Speed Week 2017.

Gallery: Do you know what time it is? Time for more Bonneville photos baby!

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  1. DanStokes

    THANKS for doing this! I sure will do everything I can to be back in the Impound yard next year. Say HI to the folks I know (like you’re gonna know who they are!).


  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I just hope that Jaguar has either a V12 or a V8 by the same manufacturer and not a stinking LS in it…

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